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according to @superbromovies on twitter bumblebee is tracking higher than aquaman and them two films will "murder" each other at the box office. should dc move aquaman?

It took me a while but I finally tracked down the tweets you’re referring to. They are claiming that early tracking pegs “Venom’ as a flop, has ‘Bumblebee’ tracking higher than ‘Aquaman’, and that they will murder each other at the box office. Basically December will be a bloodbath. 

I’m not all that familiar with SuperBroMovies but the tweets have been retweeted by Jeremy Conrad who’s a pretty reliable source. Even if it is true and they are tracking that way right now, the movies are still 5 entire months away. It’s too early for tracking to be accurate, it will most definitely change as we get closer to release date. It’s nothing to be concerned about. As for moving, I’ve been saying DC should move ‘Aquaman’ since they first put it on that date, and that was before any other movies were planted there, but they’ve made it pretty clear that they’re not going to move.