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You know why I was at that junkyard? I lost my purple jacket. And I was obsessed with getting it back because, you know, in my mind, Nora needs it. She needs it to become XS. And when that thing swallowed it, just… just for a tiny second I wanted it to swallow me, too.

and I didn’t know if you knew 
so I’m taking this chance to say

that I had the best days
with you 


Iris & Nora deleted scene in The Flash 5×17, requested by anonymous.



Nora, I don’t have much time. If you’re watching this that means you’re like me. You have powers. That also means I wasn’t there to help you learn how to use them. I wasn’t there for a lot of things. Remember my sweet Nora, always remember, I love you. I always will. 




Flash Bobblehead


5.01 / 5.22

I always wanted to be a hero, to use my extraordinary abilities to help people.
That’s why I came here, to meet my family, stop Cicada, help fix the Flash’s legacy, and save him from disappearing in the future.
I believed I could do the impossible, but I never imagined it would turn out like this.
I’m glad it did.