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whats the theory you mentioned about the joker film?

Keep in mind this is just a theory that’s making the rounds based on other information that has been revealed so take it with a grain of salt. Possible spoilers for ‘Joker’ ahead…

From revealed info we already know that Joker’s mother will be obsessed with her former employer, and we also know that Thomas Wayne will be in the movie in his sixties. 

The theory is that Thomas Wayne is Joker’s mother’s former employer and she is obsessed with him because the Joker is his bastard son. So the plot twist is that the Joker and Batman are half-brothers (unbeknownst to Bruce). Now when Joker’s mother dies, the Joker blames Thomas Wayne and that triggers the Joker’s decent into madness. The Joker is then the one who kills Thomas Wayne which leads to Bruce becoming Batman and Joker becoming obsessed with him. 


New details regarding the upcoming ‘Joker’ movie has been revealed. Joker will begin the film as a man named Arthur Fleck, who moves back home to Gotham to live with his mother, where he meets Sophie Dumond (played by Zazie Beetz) and begins his slow decent into madness. Thomas Wayne will feature in the movie as a “cheesy, tanned, rich-looking man in his sixties” and Fleck’s mother is described as “attractive in her youth, obsessed with her former employer, and unable to believe what her life has become”!


Zazie Beats has reportedly been cast in the ‘Joker’ origin movie in an undisclosed role. The movie will also star Joaquin Phoenix, be produced by Martin Scorsese, and start filming this October!


The upcoming ‘Joker Origin’ movie is confirmed to start filming later this year and will be set in the 1980′s. The movie will be produced by Martin Scorsese, star Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role, and have a relatively small budget of $50million. The movie is not considered to be part of the DCEU!

When ‘Deadpool 2′ made fun of ‘Justice League’ for reshoots but is now doing major reshoots itself 2 months before release because the test screenings were crazy negative


There is currently a petition from DC fans that is getting a lot of attention from the media to make the Joker gay again in the comics. For decades he was portrayed as gay in the comics, he declared his feelings for Batman and other men, and at one point even had an unnamed boyfriend in ‘Devil’s Advocate’. This was until the 1990′s when Harley Quinn was introduced into the comics and the rest is history. Worth noting that Harley was originally created in the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ TV show to replace Joker in a scene in which he jumped out of a cake in drag. I don’t believe there has still to this day been any canonical evidence in the comics that Joker returns any romantic or sexual feelings for Harley Quinn (??) but in the mass consciousness Harley has become his only love interest. Many people are complaining that this is blatant erasure of a gay character and want the comics to establish that he is gay again. Interested in your thoughts on this. Leave a comment!