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Candice Patton at Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Bash

[Iris] has changed so much. I’m really happy with her evolution. It’s taken some time, but it’s been done in a way where you really appreciate her growth. She was a young woman when we met her, not sure what she wanted to do with her life or who she even wanted to be with and marry. Now, she’s this secure married woman who’s the leader of a team and wants to be a journalist again. Also, she got to be a superhero for an episode. She dons all of these hats. She’s really grown as a woman, and I almost like that more than seeing Iris all put together in Season 1. Me, as a woman, I’m still not all put together. Seeing a woman that’s 100% put together is just so unrealistic. Me, at her age, I just was not. I like seeing her growth. I think it’s been a good thing to watch, over the last four years.

Iris doesn’t have superpowers but I think she shares a similar sentiment with Barry and Team Flash, that all of our lives are in service of the city and the world. We all do our own part in whatever way we can to help the city and help the world. So, I don’t think it’s a far stretch for Iris to support him in doing that. I think, you know, that’s just what comes with the territory in dating a superhero – is that, they’re not always gonna be there, and they have to run off in the danger. And it’ll be interesting to see how she deals with having two family members that put themselves in danger constantly.

This season’s gonna be a big one for Iris, dealing with the idea of motherhood, something we haven’t really seen her do [before]. And the fact that she didn’t have a mother in her life, and that fear of feeling like, is she a good mother to Nora in the future? I think she has a fear there since Nora and her are not connecting. That maybe, her future as a mother is not a good one and she’s just like her mother [Francine]. So that’s something she’s gonna have to contend with this season.

“It poses [the question of], was Barry around to teach her?” [sources: i, ii]

There’s kind of a heartbreaking aspect of it too.

It’s kinda hard for Barry, because he’s always wanted a family, he’s always wanted a kid [with Iris], and now getting her like this, he almost feels like he’s having another thing stolen from him, like his life. None of it’s gotten to be normal, like his mom was killed because of his powers. He grew up with his dad in prison because of his powers and time travel. And now, he doesn’t even get to meet his daughter the normal way. He meets her [in her] mid-twenties, and feels like, ‘Are we gonna miss out on hearing her heartbeat for sonogram, seeing her first smile?’ Like, what does this take away from him, you know. We’ll see him deal with it in stages, but it is kinda tough and weird for him at first because he does feel like he’s been robbed of a lot. And this is a gift, but at the same time it’s like, what is this gonna effect? How will this affect the future?

Yes, she will. Finally. Season 5, it’s happening. I don’t know the depths of it, or how we’re gonna work it into the story, but that’s what I’ve been told. So I’m gonna say that out loud, in every interview – so they have to do it.

To Iris, seeing Nora means that Barry and Iris in the future would get their happy ending that they’ve always dreamed of. It’s proof that things work out. And as bad as their lives have been, with the loss of their parents, and all sorts of mayhem, they have a family — which is what they both always wanted.

I don’t have room in my body for two twins. It’s just the one.