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It’s kinda hard for Barry, because he’s always wanted a family, he’s always wanted a kid [with Iris], and now getting her like this, he almost feels like he’s having another thing stolen from him, like his life. None of it’s gotten to be normal, like his mom was killed because of his powers. He grew up with his dad in prison because of his powers and time travel. And now, he doesn’t even get to meet his daughter the normal way. He meets her [in her] mid-twenties, and feels like, ‘Are we gonna miss out on hearing her heartbeat for sonogram, seeing her first smile?’ Like, what does this take away from him, you know. We’ll see him deal with it in stages, but it is kinda tough and weird for him at first because he does feel like he’s been robbed of a lot. And this is a gift, but at the same time it’s like, what is this gonna effect? How will this affect the future?