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So Warner Brothers will be releasing something DCEU related tomorrow, possibly the ‘Aquaman’ set visit stuff, maybe something else entirely. Keep an eye out for new goodies tomorrow anyway


Guys, several people in the entertainment media business seem to be implying through cryptic tweets that something big is about to go down at Warner Brothers regarding Henry Cavill and the rape comments he made in a recent interview. If they fire him I swear to god!

thoughts on the new aquaman image? people be h…

thoughts on the new aquaman image? people be hatin on it but i like it :/

When the very first ‘Aquaman’ stills were released a few weeks ago they really reminded me of ‘Power Rangers’ for some reason and this new picture just reinforces that. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it has made me more anxious to see the trailer and see if that comparison has any truth to it. Part of me keeps expecting Elizabeth Banks to pop up demanding gold with these stills. 




One week until Comic Con begins, and 9 days until the ‘Aquaman’ trailer!



The cinematographer for the movie has confirmed that the first ‘Shazam’ trailer will debut at SDCC next week. It will most likely be exclusively for those in attendance and not released publicly!



Do you think DCU will be successful? I hope it…

Do you think DCU will be successful? I hope it can be huge for DC

Hmm. I think there will be a lot of buzz and praise for ‘DC Universe’ when it first launches, enticing people to subscribe, and it will do pretty well. However, there is a limited amount of DC content and after a couple of months making your way through the library, once the nostalgia of watching old movies and shows wears off, I think there could be a big drop off. Maintaining subscribers after the first few months will be what determines whether it is a success, and that will rely solely on new content, and so far there are only 5 new shows announced. That’s not enough to keep people subscribing month after month in my honest opinion, they will need to massively increase the output of new content, but we’ll see. I’m excited for it!

think aquaman will turn out aight but i still …

think aquaman will turn out aight but i still aint payin to see it. dc aint getting no more of my money. far as im concerned they owe me for paying to see bvs, ss, and jl

Have seen several comments like this now of people refusing to go see ‘Aquaman’ even if it’s good. Hopefully, it won’t suffer the same fate as ‘Solo’ and have people refuse to come see it based on how they feel about the previous movies even if this one isn’t bad. 


Grace Randolph is claiming to have insider knowledge regarding the plot of ‘Wonder Woman 1984′ that she got from people working on the movie. Possible spoilers ahead…

So according to her inside sources – Somebody else is inside Steve Trevor’s body, so when Diana kisses him she sees Steve Trevor but it’s really some other guy. Wonder Woman will supposedly fly by “lassoing into the wind” and being pulled along, similar to how Thor flies using his hammer in the Marvel universe. And finally, one of the ideas for the third act of the movie was to have her lasso a radio antenna to spread the power of the Lasso of Truth across the world. It was one of several options for the third act of the movie and may or may not be used. So yeah, thoughts?