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cisco & cynthia + otter space shirt

top 15 cisco episodes (as voted by our followers)
↳ #12 dead or alive [3.11]

cynco + vaporwave colors

flash rewatch ϟ cisco relationships ϟ cynthia reynolds (10/?)

– How did you vibe that I was in trouble?
– Because we are connected.

cisco + other earths

What’re you gonna do?

The rhythm of my footsteps crossing flatlands to your door have been silenced forever more.


the flash + @screenshotsofdespair​ (part 1)


TOP TEN SUPERFLARROW OTPS (as voted by my followers)

#8. cynthia reynolds x cisco ramon

I don’t want to have to breach to see the woman I love. I want to wake up next to her. every morning.

Maybe you’ve done enough already, okay?