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So there are reports that Matt Reeve’s ‘The Batman’ movie will be a prequel set 15 years before ‘Batman V Superman’ and thus focus on a younger version of the character with a younger actor. This is yet to be officially confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt. 

Yooooo, why does aquaman need reshoots if the test footage was overwhemingly positive????

I told you guys when that story about test screenings was going around not to believe it, or any screening rumors, whether positive or negative. Test Screening stories never turn out to be true, and studios know to spin reports about positive screenings to create good word-of-mouth. It’s a standard PR trick at this point. WB said the same thing about BvS, Suicide Squad, and Justice League, there was even talk of standing ovations. Fox do the same things with their X-Men movies too, most recently with ‘Deadpool 2′ and ‘Dark Phoenix’. Never believe screening rumors as a general rule, they’re almost never accurate.


It’s being reported that Kristen Wiig is in talks to play the villain in the ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel. Emma Stone reportedly already turned the role down before Wiig was approached. The movie will reportedly be set in Europe in the 1980′s!

how justice league is only predicted $120miliion? you think thats right?

I’m hoping it comes in MUCH higher. Usually predictions are low-balled and then rise the week before release but we’re days away now and I think predictions are still only $110-130million. I’m confident it will come in higher, but how much higher remains to be seen. 

It should really be pulling in Avengers numbers ($200+) but that’s not gonna happen. I’d like it to at LEAST match the $166million opening of ‘Batman V Superman’ but even that might be asking too much. We’ll see. ‘Justice League’ is supposed to be the biggest DC movie, the one where all their biggest heroes come together for the first time on screen. If it opens lower than ‘BvS’ after that got such horrendous reviews, I think that’d be a massive disappointment.