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Will westallen not have their son on the show?

At the moment it doesn’t look like they will, unfortunately.

so both grant, candice and jessica have said nora is a daddys girl and has a problem with iris, what do you think the problem could be?

Genuinely haven’t got a clue regarding her specific issue with Iris, but pretty sure she’s clingy towards Barry because she hasn’t had him around a lot in her time — he’s either dead or lost in the speed force and it could be related to the 2024 ‘Flash missing – vanishes in crisis’ headline. I would guess though that maybe Iris forbid her (with good reason) from travelling back in time to help her Dad or spend time with him and that’s why Nora’s hostile towards her. What confuses me though is Nora saying at the wedding “I feel like this is going to be one for the ages.” Now why would she say that if she doesn’t know her Dad (and what her parents’ marriage was like) that well?

hey! i run a flash discord server, and i was wondering if you wanted to join! you don't have to, but if not would you mind doing me a favor and spreading word of it around to other flash blogs or people you know who may be interested? i love your blog!

Publishing this for anyone who might be interested!

I really hope this girl isn’t Dawn. I’d be okay with her being their granddaughter. But if she is Dawn then where is Don!?? We need the Tornado Twins. And if the show only gives us half of them I’ll be so so disappointed. Can’t have Dawn without Don

She’s a speedster whose lightning colors are both yellow and purple. At this point there’s literally no other explanation except that she is Barry and Iris’ daughter. I think we can count on that. And there’s no saying that she doesn’t have a brother though? I mean, the show’s been known to take liberties with comic origins but in this case it’ll be very disappointing. Besides, if she was actually introduced together with a boy who looked like he could be her twin brother, their identities would’ve been way more on the nose than what hers has already been, so I’m hoping we haven’t yet seen her brother because the show wanted to throw us off, as opposed to the fact that she doesn’t have one at all.

y'all make the most incredible gifsets, you are truly a gift to the fandom. thanks for all you do!

we always appreciate the support, thank you 💕

heyy, has there been a gif set done of all the time barry told iris they were the flash/ there wouldn’t be a flash without her? or do you remember the episodes numbers for all the times he’s said that to her? thanks xx

without you, there wouldn’t be the flash – 1.21
there is no flash without iris west – 3.06
you’re not the flash, barry. we are – 4.02
you’re the flash. no, we are – 4.02
we’re the flash – 4.08
we’re the flash, remember? we’re the flash – 4.10
i know we’re the flash, but we’re also barry and iris – 4.15

(i made a set including the ones from s4 here and the earlier ones here and lechel made one here)

Hi I’m super new to this fandom but I was wanting to start watching the flash but I don’t know if I wanna start all the way at season one. You know so what season would be the best to start at ? Like when do Barry and iris start becoming an all the time thing?

They start dating in season 3. But their romance is a thing and part of the plot right from the get-go in the pilot. So season 1 seems to be the best place to start, tbh. If you like, you can skip 2A (2.01 – 2.11), during which their relationship is pretty much nonexistent.

What does Barry do with food in prison. Its not like he can tell anyone that he needs so much food

a fLAW!

but to be honest after like season one we don’t even see him eating hella food


Hellooo! Could you gif Iris confronting Marlize, being like "whatever you're doing it's gonna backfire?" Thanks 🙂

here you go 🙂

I remember a while back you had posted about looking for members and affiliates, but I'm pretty new to tumblr and i was wondering what an affiliate is?

it’s like another fansite blog wanting to be affiliated with yours almost like a hey you’ll like this blog too if you like ours and they are linked in the affiliate section of the blog

but some people also become affiliates to like get their blog out there and recognized 

i hope i explained it okay! this is my understanding of it