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Hi I was wondering if you could gifset what GG said in his insta story about Candice Thanks!

hi! we saw someone do it first so here you go!!


Mobile theme is great!

thanks so much!

we really appreciate the positivity ♥️⚡️

There's aren't nearly enough gifs from "The New Frontier" on this site. Thank you!

Thanks for reaching out about that! I’ll be sure to add more gifs of Barry soon. For any other justice league members be sure to check out @justiceleaguedaily !


hi do you know where i can watch the first 5 episode of season 5 online? (its not on the cw anymore) thanks p.s i love this blog

hi sorry we just got a message like this too

publishing so that the fan base may help!


Hi there! So I just binged The Flash over the last few weeks (emphasize on few tbh) but I was wondering if you had any suggestions on where I could watch episodes 1-4 of season 5 for free? I know the rest are available on the CW website so I'm just tryin to avoid spendin' the $$ for 4 random episodes ya know? Anyway, thanks in advance!

hi I’m sorry I don’t know of any places

but maybe someone can reply to this post to help you out? or maybe even message you privately so it’s not sus


is no one gonna talk about the fact that nora’s symbols were in the book from the crossover or am i wrong


Hey! I'm really behind on The Flash right now, and I was just curious, is Nora trapped in the past? Or why is she hanging around for so long?

Nora isn’t trapped in the past. She travelled back in time and then pretended that she was trapped in the past because she found out that Iris had been lying to her about her powers and she wanted to see Barry and get to know him because Barry never returned after he disappeared in the Crisis of 2024.


I was just checking urban dictionary for something, when I saw that shway was nr. 1 on most trending. English is not my mother tongue, so I never heard this word before.

the only time I ever heard that was in batman beyond so I’m not sure if it was a word before? I mean my first language is spanish so I wouldn’t know for sure

but in batman beyond its slang for “cool”

anyone else care to comment on this please feel free!!

– nicole

ik you prolly wont answer but the flash is still every tuesday right? because i seen that the 3 way crossover is on a sunday night for the flash ep, but flash is gonna still be tuesdays right?

sorry I have to update the schedule but yes tuesdays! first ep of s5 is on oct 9th!


Hi 🙂 will you have a specific tag for scenes involving Barry/Nora, Iris/Nora, or all three of them?

I don’t think so. It would feel pointless since this blog is entirely dedicated to Barry and Iris, and their interactions with other characters can be found by going into a specific character’s tag. So it’ll be the same for Nora — any scenes of Barry and Iris with their daughter can be found in her tag. (And we already have episode tags as well.)