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and I didn’t know if you knew 
so I’m taking this chance to say

that I had the best days
with you 


Nora, I just just want you to know how much we love you.


Flash Bobblehead


The Flash ladies
first and last appearances in Season 5, requested by anonymous.


“If you can break down the synapses in the false memory, that will reveal the real memory and the synaptic jolt will expose the portal.”


The Central City Citizen: The Origin Story


“It’s just a memory, one warped from the perspective of a sad, angry, little kid that ran away from home … That person that we saw in there, the bad mom that Nora told us about, she doesn’t even exist, in any timeline. I told you you had to be different in the future, but I was wrong. You don’t have to change who you are … I know any future with you in it is gonna be a good one. You just gotta believe that too.”



Iris West-Allen in The Flash 5.12, requested by anonymous.