I’ve been watching The Flash for a littl…

I’ve been watching The Flash for a little bit under a year now. I’ve just recently noticed all the drama happening in the fandom. I love WestAllen to death and it makes me so happy seeing them together. Also, I don’t mind the Snowbarry ship. They’ll never be together on the show but it’s not something I’m against seeing in fanfics and stuff. Why are you so against Snowbarry? I’m not saying this to upset you, I’m just genuinely curious. A lot of people are upset about it and I don’t know why.

Hi! We understand it’s a question on many of our follower’s minds and we’ll give a brief answer:

The ship was basically started on racist grounds by people who have degraded not only Iris but Candice as well on more than one occasion because she‘s black and they hate the idea of Barry, a White Fave, being in love with a black woman. And people have also said over and over again that Danielle should have been Iris to begin with because “she looks like the real Iris”. We understand that this does not apply to everyone who ships it, but it’s a precaution we’d like to take. We had a member in the past just like this and it’s a pattern we’ve seen among the fan base as well.