This supposed to be DC's big week and so …

This supposed to be DC's big week and so far I think it ain't gone to plan

Thus far I would have to agree. The ‘Aquaman’ poster got ridiculed on social media, the ‘Birds of Prey’ team line-up reveal was slept on, and now the ‘Titans’ trailer has had a massively negative reaction. Hardly what they were hoping for. 

However, this was all just foreplay leading up to the big reveals on Saturday at the Warner Brothers panel. The ‘Aquaman’ trailer and new ‘Shazam’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984′ reveals will still give DC the big win. They are the main event of the entire convention. Plus there’s a ‘Young Justice’ Season 3 panel later today so we could get the first trailer for that too. DC gonna finish the week with a bang!