Hey! Have you done/could you make a gifset of …

Hey! Have you done/could you make a gifset of when Caitlin and Cisco are talking in the pipeline and side hug? 🙂

Here you go!  Just a couple quick things:

1. Sending the request just one time is fine!  We got a ton of awesome requests from all of you the last few days – which we are delighted about! keep ‘em coming! – and we will be filling them gradually over the course of the hiatus.  If you’re ever uncertain about whether your request went through, feel free to send an ask off-anon to confirm, or go ahead and message me ( @platoapproved ) and i can tell you whether we received it.

2. If you are asking for gifs of a scene or moment in particular, please be as specific as possible!  Episode numbers (or even hints like ‘from that episode with girder as a zombie’) help us to make sure we are making you the gifs you want.  I’m pretty sure this is the side hug you meant, but not 100%.  There are so many pipeline scenes!

Thanks everybody!