What is up party people? We just had a pretty intense 8 minutes over here with The Flash stopping a nuclear bomb from nearly wiping Central City off the face of the planet.  All in a day’s work, and much quicker than usual thanks to the power of ye ol’ Speed Force.  

It was clear we all needed to chill out and with last week’s Olympic inspired Team Flash games in the rear-view I thought our winter sports adventures were over, until Ralph burst into my lab with two tickets to see the Keystone City Combines play ice hockey. Even though, Ralph said he was done being bummed about what happened to Izzy – I heard him bragging about how Big Belly Burger was having a special give away where for every ten combo meals you buy you get a free ticket… and apparently, he won two.  I’d say homeboy was still eating his feelings and I could tell he needed a friend, so I agreed to join him.  

The seats were fantastic, right down by the glass. The crowd was loud, and the puck was flying fast down on the ice. Ralph was having a blast. It was good to see him letting off some steam. Besides, what could go wrong at an innocent hockey game?  I’ll tell you… whenever team mascots are around, danger is never far behind. Cornelius Corn is the Combine’s mascot. He’s your typical anthropomorphic ear-of-corn, but with a hockey stick. Though, as far as sports mascots go, he always seemed a little too intense. You wouldn’t want this dude on your bad side. Unfortunately, the guy inside the corn costume knew Ralph Dibny and he was on his bad side. Seems Ralph owed him some money from an old botched P.I. case.   The moment Cornelius Corn spotted Ralph, he was up in his face. Ralph told him to get lost, but Cornelius Corn wouldn’t stop. The next thing I knew Cornelius Corn was swinging fists at Ralph. It was dangerous for everyone in the crowd, so I started helping get people away from the brawl. Meanwhile, Ralph thought fast and discreetly stretched out his foot like a rubber band and flung the crazed mascot up over the glass onto the ice. Cornelius Corn, jumped to his feet and started throwing a fit, screaming and smashing his stick onto the ice so hard he cracked open the ice. His hate for Ralph had turned into a King Shark level temper tantrum.  

It was a disaster. There was a huge hole in the ice. The game was ruined. Ralph felt like it was his fault, so I pulled him to the concourse and told him I knew how to fix everything. I opened a breach and came back with someone who could help… Killer Frost!  She was annoyed I interrupted her day-off, but she finally agreed to help us all out by subduing Cornelius Corn in an ice cage and going down to the rink and fixing the hole in the ice. Game on!  In the end, Cornelius Corn was fired and sent to the penalty box that is Keystone City jail, the Columbines won in overtime and Ralph, Killer Frost, and I had an awesome time watching the rest of the hockey game.  Score!